Is this Long Beach Condo VA Eligible?

Is this Long Beach Condo VA Eligible?

We hear this question quite often about VA Condo Eligibility and VA Condo Approval.  The answer isn’t always easy to find for Veteran Homebuyers in Long Beach, CA.  Real Estate Agents, Sellers, and sometimes even the HOA don’t have the most updated info on their VA Condo Approval Status.

It should be easy to figure out if a Condo is VA Approved, but it isn’t always as easy as it should be.   The VA Condo Search Portal doesn’t index by the common names you would normally use for a Long Beach VA Condo.  The VA uses an assortment of names:  HOA Name, Tract number, Map Number, or another abbreviation, loosely based on the above.

So the next question for Long Beach VA Home buyers looking for Condo’s is – How do Veterans find out if a Long Beach Condo is VA Approved?   Just give us a call or email us the Condo’s information – Address, HOA name, etc.   We will research it for you and let you (and the Agents and Seller) know if your Condo is VA Approved.

A strong word of Caution:   When buying a Long Beach Condo with a VA Loan, be sure to work with a VA Lender that is well versed in VA Condo Financing.   There are multiple types of VA Condo Approvals.  It is best to know upfront what your VA Purchase of a Condo will require (based on the type of VA Approval).

Also – Don’t give up on that Condo just because you were told it isn’t VA Approved!   We have seen many Condo’s in Long Beach that are in fact eligible for VA Financing, however the Listing Agent, Buyers Agent, HOA, Seller, or even another Lender thought it wasn’t VA Eligible or VA Approved.   This is usually the result of a limited knowledge of the VA Condo Approval Process and VA Lending.    We have saved escrows by helping Vet’s buy Condo’s that others claimed were ineligible for VA Loans.

Eligible Condo’s can be purchased with both VA Loans and VA Jumbo Loans.  The key is to select an experienced VA Condo Lender and Real Estate Agent that is well versed in writing and negotiating VA Purchase Offers.

When looking for a VA Loan to purchase a Condo in Long Beach, call the VA Loan Pro’s at VanDyk Mortgage.  760-752-4480 Direct, please ask for Brian Skaar.

>>> Let’s Get Started on my VA Loan now  or call direct 866-900-2342. 

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